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People call VR the next big thing and they are not wrong. VR has shaken up the status quo. The reason why you find yourself here today is because you hear people mention VR wherever you go and it has simply become hard to ignore – and for a good reason. Every industry in the market is looking for ways to incorporate VR into their business. Be it your neighborhood school or a multinational conglomerate – VR has helped in giving a new perspective to consuming and disseminating information. The best part about VR’s rapidly growing popularity is that it’s not just the big companies that have profited, individuals too have seen their daily life transform since they’ve started using it. The New York Times says VR is well on its way to become a $3 trillion business and Highbrow Reality is excited to be able to help you be a part of this revolution.


Retail & eCommerce

7% increase in category sales, a 14% increase in private label sales, 5% increase in units per buyer.


Surgeons trained via VR performed 29% faster and made 6x fewer errors than those trained via conventional methods.


85% of participants preferred VR training to traditional.


According to Accenture’s Technology Vision 2018 report, 52% of businesses are developing an XR strategy and 79% believe that XR will have a wide-spread, cross-industry impact in the coming three years.


Immersion aids recall. Participants trained via VR demonstrated a 9% better information recall and made 41% fewer errors than those trained via Non-VR.


The usage of the Ford’s Immersive Vehicle Environment has reduced employee injuries by 70% and ergonomic issues have fallen by 90%.



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