VR Labs

What is

VR Labs

The VR Lab is a state of the art facility where students enter a virtual environment to experience engaging, curriculum-based, interactive learning modules that spark imagination and lead to comprehensive understanding of concepts.

Setting up your VR Lab

  • Establishing a lab space

    A space to set up the lab facility in the institution’s premises followed by installation of kiosks based on the institution’s requirements

  • Student Onboarding

    Onboarding students to the platform with individual login credentials and training them to get accustomed with using VR.

  • Access to our vast library

    Access to hundreds of interactive modules that are structured in a way to complement the students’ curriculum.

  • AI-based performance analysis

    Examine detailed reports on every student’s performance and abilities using our AI-based scoring system that encourages and values conceptual learning over rote learning.

  • Dynamic and Regularly Upgraded Catalogue

    Access to hundreds of interactive modules that are categorized into Skill Training, Academic VR and Virtual Industrial Visit Experience (VIVE) platform mentored by senior industry professionals, providing hands-on industrial exposure. Our modules are s tructured in a way to complement the students’ curriculum and simplify learning.

Academics VR

Academics VR is designed to help students understand complex concepts that are difficult to conceptualize in text books. The application uses 3D models and virtual reality technology to provide an immersive and interactive learning experience, improving students’ understanding of the subject matter. The application covers a wide range of academic modules based on the curriculum and is designed to help students of all levels improve their understanding of complex concepts.

Virtual Industrial Visit Experience (VIVE)

The VR Industrial Visit Experience (VIVE) is designed to provide students with a virtual experience of various industries and how they function. It offers a unique and innovative way for students to learn about industries and get a real-world understanding of how they function. The VR environment provides a safe and controlled setting for students to explore and learn about different industries, without the need for physical visits.

Skill Training VR

The Engineering Skills VR Training Application is designed to provide engineering students with hands-on training in the basic skills required for the profession. This application offers an interactive and immersive learning experience that helps students understand complex concepts more effectively. The VR environment allows students to practice their skills in a safe and controlled setting, without the need for physical equipment or materials.

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